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In 1990, Tate started racing cars. “My racing got me out of manufacturing and into design,” she explains. Her racing has also made her a national champion. In 1996, she won the Sport Car Club of America National Championship in Pro Solo racing.These days, Tate can often be found behind the wheel of her British racing green 2001 Mazda Miata, at Hawaii Raceway Park. “I’m a firm believe in getting your ya-ya’s out on the racetrack,” she says. “There are no kids, no curbs, no cop- so you can’t hurt yourself or anyone else. Track racing allows you to take your vehicle to the limits of its abilities and your abilities.” And she’s completely sold on the abilities of her little Mazda Miata. “I’ve been driving the Miata ever since the first model came out in 1990,” says Tate. “It’s just a high-quality best selling sports car that handles like it’s on rails and rides like a go-cart with a good road feel.” She admits that her dream is a Shelby Cobra 427-but with a $500,000 price tag, “I doubt I’II ever be able to afford one,” she laughs.

Tate came to Hawaii in 2004 seeking a career change as a schoolteacher in Kihei. Fate stepped in before she stepped foot in the classroom when a friend introduced her to Lt. Col. Frank Tate, the commander of the 2nd battalion, 25th Aviation Regiment squadron, which flies UH-60 Black Hawk helicopters. “It was love at first sail,” says Bev Tate, referring to the couple’s mutual love of sailing. They’ll be celebrating their first wedding anniversary on Nov. 22. Tate supports her husband’s battalion as a family-readiness group leader, counseling families of soldier preparing for deployment or reunion. Dealing with her husband’s deployments has been difficult, but new challenges keep her busy. Previous. Next page

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